Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BT Siang2

I may not as clean as white paper, as pure as new born baby, or as idealist as youngster at campus
But hearing those things I’ve heard.. kinda irritating, hurt badly so definitely..
This is my city, place where I have grown, place where I live in, maybe place where you live in too
Though it’s so general, so usual in our country, still keep me wondering..
How could you do those things, where are you going to take my homeland??
People representative, civil servant that wasn’t just word..
There is no game to win coz none of us are toy, This is not your kingdom, this is our kingdom!
There is no use of tears
What I need is decent man who will sit on those chairs..
Makes some differences, though it’s small, still something, better than nothing..

**maaf gak jelas, lagi BT** Sleeping

Our Birthday