Monday, 27 April 2009

Depok, my beloved city in My Point of View...

I have spent almost my entire life in Depok..

I was born in Depok, grow in Depok, then spent 6 years in SDN Mekarjaya IX, 3 years in SMPN 4, 3 years in SMUN 1 and 4 years in Universitas Indonesia, those many years were spent in Depok. And then for almost 4 years, I have been working in Pemerintah Kota Depok.

I met my soulmate in Depok, then married in Depok, gave birth to my prince and princess in Depok, they grow up in Depok, many things, many stories of my life happened in Depok.

and today..

My beloved city has his birthday celebrated... 10 years old...
People (including my self) said Depok so crowded, dismanaged in many sector, etc. I agreed, but thats the challenge, lets ask our selves, what have we done, what have we contribute to make this city much better in future years. My answer is I've done nothing... not yet... hopefully there will be something I could give..

This city is growing and growing, lets be part of it, start the movement to make Depok a better place to live in.. starting from ourselves... from small thing, the simpliest thing you tink you can do...

Love you DEPOK

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